Deadly 70 car pile-up on Wisconsin highway captured on video

As the winter months in Milwaukee County approach, snow carpets the area and creates a picturesque winter wonderland. While this snow may look beautiful on the surface, it creates deadly and unsafe situations for drivers out on the state’s highways. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are over 6,301,000 vehicle accidents on the nation’s roads every year. Of these accidents, approximately 24 percent can be traced back to weather conditions such as snow, sleet and ice.

Ice and black ice on the roads is one of the main culprits for these winter weather accidents. Ice on the surface of Wisconsin’s highways can make it difficult for the tires on a vehicle to get good grip on the road below and also make steering and stopping harder for drivers.

A catastrophic accident caught on tape

As a result of winter weather a recent accident in Wisconsin caused 70 cars to pileup on each other on one of the state’s freeways. The exact cause of this large accident is not known, despite it being caught on video, says the Los Angeles Times. The video shows drivers backing up and sliding out of control as the pileup progresses. At about fifty seconds into the video, a car slides completely off of the freeway swerving to avoid other drivers and into the bush along the side of the road.

Drivers that were involved in the pileup were known to leave their cars, take pictures, help other motorists and inspect damage done to their cars. It is reported that one man was seriously injured in the accident and this extreme pileup was just one of many that occurred that day on Wisconsin roads due to winter weather.

Driving safely during winter weather

This particular accident acts as a warning to drivers to slow down while driving in snow and ice and stay in their vehicles until help arrives at the scene. In order to avoid being involved in an accident like this one:

· Drive slowly. Remember that driving in the snow means that accelerating, breaking and turning should take longer than normal.

· Accelerate and slow down slowly to regain traction and avoid skidding.

· Apply firm and steady pressure to the brakes instead of making sudden movements.

· Try not to stop unless it can’t be avoided.

· Stay home when the weather gets bad if at all possible.

Unfortunately, not every driver knows how to drive during winter weather conditions or even alters their driving techniques to match the weather. If you were injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver, contact an attorney in your area to discuss what legal steps you should take next.