Car Accidents

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Our law firm, MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, regularly protects the rights of clients who have been seriously injured in car accidents. These injuries not only permanently change the lives of our clients, but they also burden them with heavy expenses, both now and in the future.

For that reason, every member of our firm’s legal team is dedicated to helping our clients hold accountable those parties responsible for the injuries. Holding these parties accountable often means having them pay for our clients’ costs, either in part or in total.

Milwaukee Auto Accidents

Let us protect you. Whereas the insurance adjuster protects the interests of the insurance company, we solely protect you. In fact, if you are not able to travel to us, let us know, and we will come to you.

Our role as your attorney is to ensure that you understand all of your available legal options, not just those options that the insurance company wants you to have. We can provide you with this knowledge because our lawyers draw on more than a decade of experience as successful trial attorneys.

We have structured our firm in order to provide you with the 1-to-1 attention your matter requires. This type of traditional attorney-client relationship enables you to know your lawyer, and it enables us to learn the facts of your case in order to provide you with legal advice that is tailored to the specifics of your case.

Knowledgeable Car Accident Injury Attorneys in Milwaukee, WI

Our firm’s attorneys encourage potential clients to schedule a free initial consultation with our firm by calling 414-727-5150. You can also reach us online. All communications between our law firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.