Construction Site Accidents

Milwaukee Accident Attorneys Seek Compensation for Injured Workers and Others Injured on Wisconsin Construction Sites


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Construction sites are a familiar presence in the Milwaukee area. While construction workers are aware of the various dangers to be found on or near a construction site, people merely living, working, or traveling near a construction site may be less likely to realize possible dangers until it is too late.

At the Wisconsin law firm of MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, our skilled Milwaukee construction site accident attorneys help area residents who have been injured at or near a construction site. Whether you are a construction worker wondering if you qualify for compensation in addition to a workers’ compensation claim, or are an unwitting passersby wondering who is liable for your injury, we can help.

What causes construction site accidents?

Construction workers face continual workplace hazards while working at a construction site, and contractors and property owners are subject to multiple state and federal safety standards intended to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, accidents still happen, and some of the most common worker injuries are caused by:

  • Malfunctioning tools and heavy equipment
  • Falling debris or unsecured materials
  • Falls caused by defective scaffolding or railings
  • Exposure to toxic substances or materials
  • Being struck by a vehicle, often a dump truck
  • Becoming pinned or stuck between equipment and/or materials
  • Electrocution from exposed wiring
  • Burns from propane or welding accidents

Construction site operators must also take additional measures to prevent injuries to unwitting civilians. Falling debris and unsecured structures can also pose a danger to visitors on or near the construction site, and contractors are required to adequately post warnings to the public through the erection of adequate signage, and to protect potential hazards by erecting fences or other means of preventing public access to unsafe areas.

Who is liable for damages when a construction site injury occurs?

Construction workers injured in an on-the-job accident usually qualify for workers’ compensation benefits from their employer. In a worker’s compensation claim, it is necessary to determine whether the employer is at fault for the injury, and to receive workers’ compensation benefits, injured employee waive the right to sue the employer for negligence.

However, as construction projects typically involve multiple parties, such as sub-contractors, engineers, architects, and property owners, some injured workers may qualify for additional compensation outside of their workers’ compensation claims. Since a worker’s compensation claim does not require that the employer to be at fault in an accident, such non-employer third parties can still remain liable for their negligence. Our knowledgeable Wisconsin construction site accident attorneys assist injured construction workers to determine whether you can seek such a negligence action.

Independent contractors injured while working on a construction site do not qualify for worker’s compensation, as well as any other injured visitor or passerby not employed by the general contractor. Both are thus entitled to sue for negligence. In particular, under a legal doctrine known as the “attractive nuisance” doctrine, property owners and contractors owe an extra duty to not only post dangers warnings to visitors and neighbors, but can be held liable for failing to prevent such visitors, particularly children, from being able to access dangerous areas of a construction site.

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Whether you were injured as an employee, third-party contractor, or innocent visitor or passerby, the experienced Milwaukee construction site accident attorneys at the law offices of MacGillis Wiemer LLC help you determine the cause of your injury and who may be responsible. We understand the confusion and uncertainty that a devastating, often catastrophic injury can bring. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and pursuing justice on your behalf. To learn more about your construction site accident injury, contact us online or call us at our West Bluemound Road offices in Wauwatosa at (414) 727-5150.