Negligent Security

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Owners of bars, clubs and other establishments have a duty to ensure their patrons are safe while on their premises. Failure to adequately protect visitors is a breach of this duty, and property owners can be held responsible if a lack of security results in a serious injury.

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Please seek experienced legal help as soon as possible if you were seriously injured due to negligent security measures. At MacGillis Wiemer, LLC, we have significant experience proving fault in cases such as this, particularly when owners fail to prevent against known dangers. For example, a property owner in an area known for violent crime should be aware of the need for increased security to ensure the safety of his or her visitors.

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Common Negligent Security Examples

Anyone assaulted, attacked or otherwise injured while on another’s property might have a premises liability claim due to negligent security. These claims can arise from:

  • An owner who provides insufficient lighting
  • Failing to repair broken locks or other security measures (hotels, motels, colleges, etc.)
  • Failing to have sufficient security personnel on duty
  • Failing to adequately train security personnel
  • Failing to have installed or working security equipment
  • Failing to perform a criminal background check on an employee who commits assault

As you can see, there are many ways in which a property owner can be negligent for failing to protect your safety. Let us tell you if you have a claim today by scheduling a free consultation to share the story behind your injuries.

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