Nursing Home Negligence

Milwaukee Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys Help Families Fight Back Against Abuse of Loved Ones


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Each day in Wisconsin, many families are unwillingly confronted with the question of whether to place an aging parent or other close family member in a nursing home. Among the decisions that must be made is that of which home can best meet the needs of both the family and the loved one, in terms of location, cost, and available medical facilities. While there are many fine nursing homes in Wisconsin with a mission of providing first-rate care while preserving the dignity of their patients, many families remain wary about turning so much responsibility to a nursing home staff comprised of relative strangers.

At the Wauwatosa law offices of MacGillis Wiemer LLC, our team of understanding Milwaukee nursing home negligence attorneys is committed to holding every Wisconsin nursing home accountable for any form of patient negligence that occurs within their facility. We have more than twenty years of combined experience helping Wisconsin families protect and defend loved ones that have been injured as the result of sometimes unspeakable and unconscionable acts of neglect, medical malpractice, abuse and even theft.

What are the signs of nursing home negligence?

Every nursing home is eager to present itself in the best possible light, whether trying to attract new patients or retain current patients. Because many of their patients may lack the capacity to independently report claims of negligence, abuse, or other misconduct, and because any question or rumor of such negligence can undoubtedly have an adverse effect on a nursing home’s bottom line, many homes are inclined to take measures designed to obscure or deflect attention to evidence of negligence.

Because of this, family members suspecting negligence should pay close attention to certain conditions and factors when visiting their loved ones, including:

  • Any evidence of physical or sexual assault, which can range from sprains and broken bones to bruises and lacerations
  • Injuries from falling—falls can occur when a patient receives inadequate assistance when walking or using the bathroom, or due to medication error
  • Bedsores or skin ulcers
  • Weight loss, which can indicate malnutrition or dehydration
  • An unexplained lack of hygiene
  • Questionable or unexplained transactions or money transfers from a patient’s bank or checking account
  • Family visits are either supervised by nursing home staff, or prevented entirely

A family member with any suspicions about the origin of any of these types of injuries or conditions should promptly contact our experienced Milwuakee nursing home negligence attorneys to fully investigate the circumstances of such an injury. If the injury was suffered as the result of nursing home negligence, the patient can be entitled to recovery of the expenses and damages resulting from that injury.

What types of negligence are most common among nursing homes?

To prove negligence on the part of a nursing home or a nursing home staff, it must be established that the patient was owed a particular duty by the home, that that duty was breached, and that the patient suffered an injury as a result. For example, a nursing home has a duty to chart and maintain a patient’s medication schedule; that duty is breached when a nursing home’s inadequate recordkeeping practices cause an improper administration of medication to occur, injuring a patient.

Common examples of nursing home negligence include:

  • Cutting corners in treatment in order to save time or money
  • Understaffing a treatment unit
  • Failing to properly train staff
  • Failing to adequately supervise staff
  • Failing to screen prospective employees
  • Hiring unqualified employees

Through the common law doctrine of vicarious liability, a nursing home employer is liable for the negligence of nursing home employees, regardless of whether that employer approved of or even knew that the negligence was occurring. In other words, even when a nursing home patient is injured by a nursing home employee acting in utter disregard for that home’s established policy of conduct, the home can still be held accountable for negligently allowing that employee the authority to perpetrate the negligence or abuse.

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At MacGillis Wiemer LLC, our aggressive Milwaukee nursing home negligence attorneys have extensive knowledge of state and federal standards regulating nursing homes, and a proven track record of success in forcing nursing homes to be accountable. If you suspect that a loved one is the victim of nursing home negligence, or are concerned that the staff at a home is covering up abuse, we urge you to contact us online or call us at our West Bluemound Road offices at (414) 727-5150 for a free initial consolation.