Testimonials from Personal Injury Clients

“Mr. MacGillis took my case when other attorneys said that my case would take a lot of

hard work to bring to a conclusion. And that it did. We took my case to trial and won.

Mr. MacGillis and his team did an awesome job. I highly recommend Mr. MacGillis and

his team.”

“I am a law enforcement officer and was involved in an on duty personal injury accident

that was not my fault. I hired attorney Macgillis to represent me. Attorney Macgillis did

an outstanding job and I would highly recommend him.”

“I am a law enforcement officer and was injured while on duty when I was hit in my

squad car. I hired attorney Macgillis to represent me. Attorney Macgillis did an

outstanding job and I would highly recommend his legal services to anyone who has been

injured in an automobile accident that was not their fault.”

“We were very satisfied with the competent and professional way Chris MacGillis and

his staff handled our case. From day one, Chris used his knowledge and caring nature to

help us through a very difficult time. From the moment that he meet us at our house after

my accident I felt very comfortable and knew he was the caring and understanding

lawyer that I wanted to handle my case. Chris guided me through some very emotional

times after the accident. I could tell that I was in good hands. Throughout the case Chris

always told me about what will happen next and and what my wife and I will be going

through as far as emotions, fear, and being scared by other lawyers who would try to

make us feel like we caused the accident. Chris was right by our side the whole time. We

had a very successful outcome to our suit and we would highly recommend Christopher

MacGillis of MacGillis Wiemer, LLC to all our family and friends.”

“I was injured in a car accident while on duty as a Law Enforcement Officer. I hired

Attorney Chris MacGillis after I met with him the following day. Chris is extremely

knowledgeable. Chris took care of all the issues related to the case including workmans

comp and outstanding medical bills. The entire process was stress free. Thank you again

Chris for all your help. I will definitely recommend Attorney MacGillis to my coworkers,

friends and family.”

“I was injured while on duty as a Law Enforcement Officer. After I got out of the

Hospital, I knew what a nightmare trying to recoup my losses was going to be. I lost time

at work, including many hours of overtime. Medical and ambulance bills were going to

have to be dealt with. Workmans compensation issues were going to arise. I contacted

Chris for some help. It was the best decision I could have made. Chris was

knowledgeable with all the laws and rules regarding my case. He helped me through all

the issues that came up with my employer regarding workmans comp. He kept me

informed throughout the case and dealt with the other party’s attorney in a firm but

professional manner. Chris turned a challenging personal injury issue into something that

was manageable to handle. I have recommended Chris to my co-workers and my other

family members. Thanks Chris, you were outstanding.”

“Chris and his team did an excellent job representing my case. He was very clear in

always laying out my options, being that I have never been involved in any court

proceedings before. They were always thorough when stating pros and cons of any and

all decisions. Ultimately, all decisions were made and finalized by me, they were never

pushy and always carried out what was best for me and my case.”

“Chris provided sharp legal knowledge, trustworthy advice, and instilled confidence in

my life after an accident affected me both physically and financially. After the accident,

Chris helped me acquire fair market value for my car (total loss) from the at-fault party’s

insurance company. He also represented me in negotiating a settlement to cover medical

expenses, forced use of sick time, and pain & suffering. I was very satisfied with this

settlement. Along the way he maintained great communication (answered and/or returned

phone calls & emails). He also offered realistic advise; offering alternative options and

weighing their various benefits and risks. And, he had to work hard– there was A LOT of

medical paperwork surrounding my injury.

Most importantly: this accident caused me a great deal of stress physically, emotionally,

financially, and disrupted my work, family life, and confidence. Chris helped bring order

to this chaos and which eased my stress.

Thanks Chris!”

“The first attorney I worked with told me that my case would not have a successful

outcome and that I should just accept that. From the beginning Chris treated me with

respect. He believed in me and fought aggressively for an acceptable outcome. I was

consistently updated as to the status of the case and always consulted before decisions

were made. I consider Chris not only to be my attorney but a good friend as well.”

“I was involved in a personal injury incident while on the job which subsequently ended

my career. This was the most stressful and challenging time in my life. Chris' knowledge

and tireless work ethic was very reassuring. Chris fought hard to get me what was fair

and always had me and my family’s best interest in mind. Chris was always one step

ahead of the game when challenged by the insurance companies. I would highly

recommend Chris MacGillis not only for his professionalism but genuine character as well.”

Chris provided “Sound legal opinion and recommendations and friendly, understanding,

and trustworthy representation.”

“Achieved a desirable settlement that covered my medical expenses and lost wages.”

“They’re true professionals whose legal prowess, trustworthy advice and confidence

gives a client peace of mind.”

“I’m so fortunate to have Chris MacGillis’ help. My life improved dramatically after a

terrible accident due to his dedication, care, and steadfast representation.”

“I was highly compensated for my work related personal injury case”

“Chris was one step ahead of the insurance companies throughout the process”

“My case was successful due to Chris’ knowledge of current and future case law that

resulted in a higher settlement than we had anticipated”

“Chris always made me feel like he had me and my family’s best interest in mind.”